a collection of work


«Nettek» is a generative chair design. It emerged from a collaboration with Hannes Zweifel Architektur and was submitted to the «2009 Design Award SWB @ Embru». In the tradition of Embru, the chair is entirely made of metal. It consists of a frame and chain mail seating. The frame is a rod of steel bent into the desired shape. The multiple torsions increase the stability of the frame. The chain mail adapts to the body and thus creates a soft and pleasant form to sit on.

Sketches and small wireframe models were first used to explore different shapes. Later, a computer-generated, parametric model was developed. A combination of Rhino 3D and Grasshopper were mainly used for that. Additionally, custom components were used for creating a chain cloth simulation. The parametric model helped in finding the appropriate curves, slopes, and ultimately find the ideal shape. Despite the indispensable use of a computer model, the product should not celebrate this, but reflect its simple and natural form inspired by traditional handicraft. The chair is bound to both tradition and new process technologies which results in a familiar-looking shape expressing contemporary tendencies.