Visual Analytics + Data Visualisation

Into The Mind II

In the workshop «Into the Mind II» students explored different real-time representations of our brain activity. In collaboration with the Department of Psychology, University of Zurich, six student projects have been created which provide a playful way of visual feedback of the current mental state. Feedback mechanisms encourage the brain to adapt and enhance its rhythms so that different mental states such as relaxation or concentration can be trained.

The electrical currents produced by the brain are collected by means of electrodes on the forehead, analyzed and finally transferred in real time to the visualisation programmed with p5.js and displayed on an iPad. This allows the user to draw direct conclusions about his mental state throughout the visualization process - and react accordingly. After a training session, the results are summarized visually on a dashboard.

The course was co-lectured together with Isabelle Bentz at the Institute for Multimedia Production IMP, University of Applied Sciences Chur, Switzerland.