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Dada x Statistik

«Dada x Statistik» is a time travel through the last 100 years within the city of Zurich. Work, housing conditions and life of the Dadaists around 1916 could be experienced with situational interventions and exhibits at the Cabaret Voltaire, meeting point of the original Dadaists 100 years ago. Statistical data and forecasts provided an outlook into the year 2023, and therefore «Dada» was indirectly projected into the future.

«Dada x Statistik» connected the ideas of «Dada» with the morality and ethics of statistics, leading to an educational as well as entertaining result. All the rooms of Cabaret Voltaire, even the toilets, were part of the exhibition.

«Dada x Statistik» was co-curated by Adrian Notz, Director of Cabaret Voltaire and the Statistics Office, city of Zurich.

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