Visual Analytics + Data Visualisation


«attractors» is yet another work trying to explore the mechanics of the universe leading to natural beauty. It is a series of images generated by 10’000 particles flying around in a 2D space. They are randomly attracted by a bunch of gravitation points. As opposed to Newtonian gravity (as used in another work called «silq»), I tried to simulate quantum mechanical forces.

That said, the «quantum mechanics» used here are completely invented by me and have not much in common with quantum mechanics established by physicists. I allowed myself to play god and create my own world with my own rules. Therefore the particles move in somewhat weird paths. They suddenly disappear in one place, just to reappear in another location. There is no continuous motion, similar to the quantum movement of electrons within an atom.

Surprisingly, interference patterns arise from this, similar to the ones known from double-slit experiments. This experiment researches how beauty emerges from kinetic systems. Material in nature results from subatomic quantum mechanics, the interconnection between atom and the frequencies involved. All this ultimately defines the forms visible and invisible to our eyes.

In order to visualise theses mechanics, particles are drawn as an almost transparent point, just like photons would be captured by a photo paper. The overlay of millions of particles at their ever-changing position leads to the resulting shapes.

«attractors» was built with Processing.